Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Watch your Mouth....

I am a caring person. I honestly care about others, about how what I do and say might affect them, how I can help them, how I can be a better me to be better for them. Not for the entire world - you can never please everyone, never be fully understood or helpful to the entire world. Yet I'm so ridiculously tired of hearing people tell me not to care, not to be affected by others. All that will do is lock up your heart, pull you away from those who can be the biggest comfort and strongest supporters - or else associate you with people who are equally locked away in their own little world of me first. You might save yourself a small measure of heartache, save some indecision - yet what will you lose by refusing to let others in? I don't want a heart that's cold and unreachable, a mind that's closed and inconsiderate of other opinions, regardless of if I agree or not. I want honest conversation, a respect for differing opinions, the ability to share with others and grow together, learn together. I want to be changed and affected by others.

I am stating, right here and now - I choose to care. I choose to be respectful and considerate. Not everyone truly deserves it - yet I choose to be so anyways. Because we are all human, and we all need someone to care about us, someone to listen to us and love us.

Sometimes a girl simply needs to vent, and needs a shoulder to lean on while she catches her breath. Pushing forward into an uncertain dream, working to better yourself for yourself, and working through the inevitable discouragement and disagreements and heartache that will come is tiring and trying. And lately, I can't seem to find anywhere that I can simply rest, simply let myself be. I feel I am constantly needing to be on my guard, constantly watching and ready to defend myself. I am weary. I refuse to give up the good fight, to let myself give in to all the fears and bad thoughts...there are simply some days that are more difficult than others. And it seems no one can understand this idea, no one will support you unless you're being all positive, all the time. (And I am an overwhelmingly positive gal saying this.)

All I ask is that before people jump onto bashing whatever I've said, they consider that maybe those few words are not the end of the thought for me. They consider that there is so much more going on behind the scenes than what I put on paper. And, if for just a moment, they think about what they're about to say, and if it will really help build me up, or if they're only trying to pull me down. If you want to build someone up, if you want to honestly share knowledge that you have to help make someone's life easier or better - consider the way you use your words. Simply throwing any old words down to get your point across, or using language that is obviously not suited to the individual, will either get you nowhere or get you ignored. Creating waves and friction does not mean that people are paying attention to you and honestly listening to what you're means they are responding to the way you've said it.

Choose your words wisely, friends. I promise to do the same, and better the way that I speak with those I love and want to build up. I choose to respect your opinions, to be considerate of what matters to you, and to pick my words with care as often as I can. I will always try to be honest and upfront with you, and I will let you know if I disagree with you on an important matter - yet I will always try to do so in a way that is meant to encourage and build up, and not to make you feel small and ignorant.

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  1. Be considerate, kind, gentle, tender-hearted, encouraging, compassionate, always remembering that we are but dust, and there is none good except Christ.