Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's in a Name?

Let me tell you friends...coming up with a name for yourself (or rather, your business) is not an easy task.

I want to start building a brand for myself.  A name people will (hopefully!) start to remember.  I don't want to use simply my name...that's a bit too boring to me, and also a bit too...self-centered, I suppose.  However, having at least part of your name involved can be good as well...it helps tie you in with your photography, and in order to do this for a living, you definitely have to be involved in it.  But I know I'm not a superstar, and I don't really want to be.  I want simple things in my life....love, friendship, and the ability and availability to capture those precious moments.  I want smiles and laughter and sweetness.  I want fun and cheer.  And I want to be the best me I can be.

But how to tie that all in with a name?  And even harder still, a name that rolls off your tounge, a name that just feels right when you say it?  I'm not there yet, and I wish I was.  I keep hoping the name will just magically fall into my brain, and I'll just "know".   :)  But at least I'm getting ideas, and I can feel myself moving toward whatever that name will be.  I think one of my biggest issues with it is that I'll start trying to think of things that might work, and I get stuck on a word or two that I like, yet have no idea how to use.  And I sometimes get so stuck on a word that may just not work that I can't see past it.

Positive is one of those words.  Something about it really makes me want to use it.  I want to be positive, feel positive, think positive.  I very much believe in the power of positive thought and positive actions.  Positive can also be an affirmation, something that is real and true and expressed.  It's a confirmation.  And I like that aspect as well.  It gives it a very grounded side.  The word overall just emits truth and greatness to me.

The other word that's gotten stuck in my head is fancy.  Usually when I hear this word, I first think of something being fancy, something being dressed up and (usually) expensive.  However, there are lots of other ways this word is used, and those are what draw me in.  Fancy means to like something, to imagine something.  It's based on whims and caprice, on inclination and faith.  It's imagination and dreams.  And I really love that.

I especially like the idea of using positive and fancy together, like a yin and yang of who I want to be and what I want to give to others.  I want to capture special moments, especially of children....I want to capture their imaginations, their dreams, their experiences of the world...but I also want it to be very real, very honest.  And I really love the play of the two words together.  I simply don't know just how to do it.  Every combination of them just sounds silly to me.  Haha I feel that there MUST be a way to connect them that rolls off the tounge and feels right in my heart...but I haven't found it yet.  Hence the changing of the name of my blog.  :)  But even that I don't quite like.  I'd be happy to hear any suggestions.  :)  In the meantime, it's off for more brainstorming!  I feel somewhat stuck where I am until I get a workable name under my belt....I can continue to grow my experience and expertise, but I don't have a good solid way of showing my work, of showcasing the lovely little ones I'm so lucky to shoot.  Hopefully soon it'll come to me....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Every New Beginning....

Hi, dear ones.  How are you?

I've been away from the blogging world for awhile, but I'm ready to come back.  Only this time, I'm doing things a bit differently.

This is my home for sharing myself.  Things that inspire me, concern me, make me smile, make me cry....they'll go here.  Along with why they impacted me.  New photos I take will go here as well, photos with a story.  Even if it's a made up one. :)  Quotes, song lyrics, blogs....I'll be sharing everything I feel I need to with you all.  There's something inside me that's just begging to get out and share itself with the world.  I realize I'm just one girl here in Texas...but there's a lot I have to offer.  And I'm ready to offer it.  :)

This is me.  Absolutely, Positively Linda.  I hope you stick around to share my world with me.  :)